Best Easy Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Range

Wi-Fi – a tiny term with giant significance in our lives and we don’t even realize it. For an instance, you are reading this content due to a Wi-Fi connection (exceptions are always there).

You enjoy your favorite series; movies on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime; watch seamless videos via YouTube and much more all this with the usage of a Wi-Fi connection.

So it should be correct to say that Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our lives. However, if it keeps getting disconnected, you feel frustrated. Also, if you could somehow able to boost your Wi-Fi range you feel delighted. And this post is written to make you feel delighted; yes via this post we will guide you with the best easy ways to boost your current Wi-Fi range.

Since the Internet came into existence usage of Wi-Fi network is constantly increasing from leaps and bounds. But if you are not that lucky enough and are continuously facing problems with your Wi-Fi, then here are tips implying which you can boost up the Wi-Fi range:

Adjusting the location
The location for placing the router must be chosen wisely. Off course you won’t be able to alter other things such as wall or other solid interferences but you may change the router’s location as per your convenience and the guidelines.

There are not any hard and fast rules for selecting the location; all you have to look for is a co-centric location with optimum height. Height ensures the flawless signal transfer avoiding any obstructions. Whereas, the co-centric point provides maximum signal strength in every corner.

Avoid metallic sculptures or things
All the things that are made up of metallic materials block the Wi-Fi signals. So avoid placing the router or the extender near to them.
Maintain a specific distance from Electronic Devices
 Choose a location that has a specific distance from electronic devices. These devices include monitors, microwaves and the computer wires. All these devices create electromagnetic interferences for the Wi-Fi signals.
Reduce the signal transmission through walls
Greater the transmission of signals through the walls, increases the signal bounce rate, which reduce the strength of the Wi-Fi signals. This issue is much more encountered within the traditional houses as compare to the modern houses.
Choosing the adequate router Channel
In the scenarios where your neighbor’s router is also associated with the Internet, you may some interruptions while accessing the network using a range extender due to IP conflictions. In such scenarios, it is advisable to change the channel of your router. There are multiple frequencies available that you can choose from the control panel of your router at mywifiext.local.

Security for Wi-Fi accessibility
Ensure that the Wi-Fi network is safeguarded by choosing a unique secret key (password) for it during the Not only it will secure your network but also reduce the unwanted utilization of the bandwidth by your neighbors or other family members.
Ensure that router is working Fine
Check the hardware as well as firmware of your router.  You must keep the firmware updated to avoid any interruptions. For checking the Firmware, you can use the login. Also, there should be not any hardware impairment on your gadget. Also, as we all know how fast technology is growing and the new routers are being launched every week.  So, if you are using your current router for a long period like for several years, then we are sorry but your router is no more compliant with the usage. The best option is to buy a new one either online or from a nearby retail store. You can even check out the exchange offers for your old router.
Use a Range Extender if needed
If your premises is huge, and the router’s network range is not just enough to cover all of your area. Then using a Range extender is a great help. But make sure you place this gadget in the right location to get the optimum performance of your device. You can either choose the Netgear extender or the to enhance the range of your Wi-Fi.

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