5 Tips to Evade a Damaged or Broken Iphone!

We all love our cell phones, don’t we? If that is an iPhone 8 plus or iPhone X or any other iPhone, it seems to possess even more value! No one wants an iPhone with a broken or damaged screen; even thinking of such a scenario is painful!

The first and the obvious safety measure is using a screen protector. You can get a iPhone 8 plus glass screen protector that shields your phone screen from any damage to a great extent. Three common ways most people break their phones are discussed below.

  1. Sitting on the phone:

Now, as funny as it sounds, it is true. It is a very common accident that leads to a damaged phone screen.

  1. Dropping the phone:

It is like the universal and the most commonly occurring way in which people break their phones. Dropping the phone on some hard surface can not only break the screen, but can damage the phone internally as well.

  1. Dropping some liquid on the phone:

No matter how waterproof any phone is, dropping it in water or any other liquid is not a good idea! So, never test it out.

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We cannot control these accidents, now can we? No one purposely damages their phones. So, what can we do to protect it from these accidents? Here are some 5 tips to save your phone from such accidents:

  1. Get a case:

This is the very first step towards keeping your phone safe from any damage; very simple yet important. Get an excellent screen protector and case to protect it from scratches, normal drops, and spills.

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  1. Clean it regularly:

You might be thinking that you bought the case and that would protect it from dust and dirt. It does, but you should remember that dust and moisture get trapped in the case as well. Therefore, you should take the phone out of the case and clean both the case and the phone regularly.

  1. Carry the phone carefully:

Most of the people carry the iPhone in their jeans pockets. The phone can easily drop down on some hard surface as the pockets are really small. Also, while you walk, due to the high pressure of the tight jeans pocket, phone screens may break. Last but not the least, many people also forget that they have their phone in their back pocket and sit on it! So, try to carry it carefully in some bag separately.

  1. Protect the internals of the phone:

Some people take their iPhone with them to their washrooms as well. Not only that, steam is also bad for your smartphone. So, try to avoid taking it in a place where steam is present.

  1. Avoid places excessive temperatures:

Places with extreme temperature can damage your phone too. It could damage the screen of the phone as well as internal issues can appear.

To avoid such issues and to increase the lifespan of your iPhone X, you could get the iPhone x max Glass Screen Protector. It protects and guards your iPhone screen against the sharp drops and nasty spills as well!


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