How to move a website to a new host? – WordPress migration guide

Making a website is not as difficult as it was years ago. WordPress is one of the free and open sources CMS which is very popular these days. But everything has its pros and cons; hence you need Amazon WordPress hosting.

Now you must be thinking that why you need a hosting provider. Well, the answer is your success. The popularity of your website will need more space, regular backups, bells and whistles which will be provided to you by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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How to host a WordPress on AWS:

  1. Create an AWS account

  2. Create an instance

  3. SSH into your instance

  4. Install PHP, MySql, Apache web server and WordPress

  5. Map IP address and domain name

AWS WordPress hosting cost:

The AWS WordPress hosting cost is based on four components;

  1. The instance type

  2. Software to run

  3. The region of based instances

  4. Pricing model

Woocommerce security:

Woocommerce is used for selling and buying products online. It’s a free WordPress plugin with additional features available as extensions.

Security of the products and site is something that everybody is in need.

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Following are the few basic things that you need to keep in mind for security purposes:

  1. Add SSL certificate that is the Secure Socket Layer which helps to keep the connection encrypted.

  2. Secured hosting is very important.

  3. While using WordPress security plugins; make sure you use just one of them.

  4. It’s a common practice of not changing the username. You should always rename it from “Admin” to something else.

WordPress Github integration:

Github is the host that is used most commonly these days. It can be used in different ways in three different places for hosting the site for WordPress Cloud

  1. the official version of the website resides in the Bitbucket Git respiratory

  2. SSH is utilised in initiating command-line Git requests on the web server to keep records of the project files in between Bitbucket and server.

  3. The source tree is a Git Gui used to pull and push documents between Bitbucket and local development environment.

This is a tripartite system revolving around Git host-local and web server.

Sometimes some problems arise as well while using Git, like keeping the database updated between local and production servers and a lot more.

The process of process of moving the website to a new host follows-

  • Create a backup of your website files- this requires a lot of manual approaches and is one of the most basic procedures of staring.

  • Export all the WordPress database- organise to export your database and FTP transfer to move onto the next step.

  • Editing the Editing wp-config.php file- this folder is essential for the controlling of the access between WordPress and the database.

  • Change the database name

  • Change the database username

  • Change the database user password.

  • Organize to import the database- this might be a prolonged process but depends on the size of the importing database.

  • Uploading the database onto the new host

  • Getting linked to new URL and domain name.

The process isn’t that complicated when understood properly, yet it is always advisable to consult a specialist in this field before initiating the works.

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